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joanna go photography

Latest Project: Londontown Nail Polish

Londontown is a brand of cruelty-free nail polishes that uses a botanical formula in their products. They contacted me to create some content for them on my blog and to share my experience trying out their nail polish collection. 

Their colors are absolutely gorgeous. I definitely wanted to capture that vibrancy and to portray the brand’s modern sophistication and style. Londontown emphasizes their use of natural, floral ingredients (a family recipe that goes back to a garden in Radlett, England) to restore dry, brittle nails. Their story is so deeply embedded into their brand that I wanted to somehow incorporate that narrative into my photographs—a nod, if you will, to the English flowers that make this brand so special. That’s how the idea of cutout paper flowers came to me as a backdrop for showcasing the collection they gave me. 

You can read my full post on Londontown here:

Inspiration from a Happy Accident

I found this old photo from my rejected photos in Lightroom. It was for an Instagram post I did in collaboration with Bumble & bumble about a year ago. The camera shutter happened to go off the same time I flicked my hair. The motion blur came out really cool, but for the project that was about featuring my hairstyle in detail, it just didn’t work. 

Still, I love the end result. It’s one of those happy accidents that inspires experimentation and creating something I normally wouldn’t in my day to day. Product photography doesn’t encourage blur - it’s all about precision and taking tack sharp work. This is one image for my personal archives. It’s a concept I’d love to use again in the future.