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Straight from the Insta: Mejuri Menagerie Edition

One of my favorite Instagram partners, Mejuri, is launching a new line on Monday, October 14th! The collection is called the Menagerie Edition. Mejuri has been kind enough to gift me this beautiful pair of drop earrings to feature on my Instagram. If you look closely, the charm is of a scarab beetle, which in ancient Egyptian religion was a symbol of rebirth, spontaneous creation, and transformation. An amulet of the scarab was thought to bring good luck and protection.

When it comes to photographing Mejuri’s pieces, I have to say, it’s really hard to mess up because they are just so darn gorgeous and photogenic! For the styling and props, I really wanted to convey the collection’s seductiveness and unexpected nature (I really love that it’s a piece that’ll make you look twice and that it holds meaning.) Spicing up the final image with a film-like quality and a dreamy reflection adds that stylish je ne sais quoi Mejuri is all about.

Check out Mejuri here.