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Product Photography II

$285.00 USD

Creative lighting, compositions, and props that are infused with your brand's personality. This is an attractive and unique way to showcase your beautiful products and set your shop apart from the crowd.

Styling, retouching, initial proofing, and one re-shoot are included in all packages. Perishable props may have an additional charge. Please let us know your project requirements here

Prices start at $285 and are for 1-5 photos. You can choose between max. 5 photos of 1 product, i.e. main product shot, custom angles and layout, closeups, "product spill" shots, and box set contents, or 1 photo each of up to 5 different products. For larger quantity projects, please inquire about our bulk rates.

Turnaround time: Typically 1-2 weeks after receipt of product & payment.

For our Terms + Conditions, please visit this page.

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